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Monday, August 16, 2010

How Should Employers Handle Legal Medical Marijuana Patients?

Joseph Casias – the former Wal-Mart Associate of the Year who was fired by the company for a positive drug test despite the fact that he uses marijuana legally in Michigan to relieve pain caused by cancer – is suing his former employer with the help of the ACLU.
However, Casias’s story is just the beginning of the debate over policy regarding marijuana use at zero tolerance workplaces in states where medical marijuana is legal.
The Wall Street Journal takes up the issue in an online poll that allows readers to weigh in. Should employers cover the costs as part of health care and ignore positive tests? Should employers enforce the failed drug tests? Or should there be another alternative?
Take some time weigh in (as of post time, the “Cover cost with health benefits, ignore tests” option was leading by a whopping 66.5%).
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