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Monday, August 23, 2010

Worldwide Rallies to Free Marc Emery - Saturday, September 18

 Activists are calling for worldwide rallies in support of 'Prince of Pot' Marc Emery on Saturday, September 18, 2010 - a week after he is sentenced in an American courtroom for operating a marijuana seed business in Canada. Start a rally in your home town today!
Marc is a political prisoner behind bars in the US for successfully selling millions of cannabis seeds through a mail-order Internet service and using the profits to fund marijuana legalization efforts in North America and around the world.
Marc was extradited to the US by the Conservative government of Canada and is currently imprisoned at SeaTac Federal Penitentiary in Washington State (send Marc mail!). He will be sentenced in early September to an expected five years in US jail.
Canadian Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews will begin considering Marc's repatriation to Canada through the treaty transfer process shortly after he is sentenced. Help to remind Vic Toews and the Conservative Government that Canadians and people around the world want Marc Emery brought back to Canada and set free!
Rallies are planned for SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 in cities around the world.
You can help! Login to and create an event for your rally, then check out the Shout-Out function that will allow you to invite everyone within 40km of you in the database to your event! With your event hosted on, we can let people nearby know about it, making it easier for you to get higher turnout! If you haven't already, sign up at today!
On this day, one or two people can create a lot of awareness. Just by holding up a banner or sign at a busy intersection or a bridge overpass, anywhere lots of people and cars go by.
If you have 10 people, put 5 pairs of people into 5 good locations, not all together in one spot. Two people are as visible as 10 or 20, so spread out throughout the community.
This is more effective than a rally, which can sometimes obscure the message by making the crowd too busy with competing signs.
Two to four people per intersection (one on each corner) is a suggested maximum.
This kind of support maximizes the message and the individual's ability to get it out.
One person can make a difference!
Take some photos, indicate where you are and put it on facebook or send it so she can put it up at
* Near the entrance of baseball or football stadiums.
* A University campus Student union building
* A busy intersection or bridge overpass of a highway
* A US Congressman's or Canadian MP's local constituency office .
Signs can easily be made on large pieces of cardboard or bed sheets.
The best for a large sign is King size bed sheet banners from a local thrift store. This is ideal for hanging from bridges and overpasses.
Here's some suggested slogans for banners and signs. Try to get the website onto your banner if possible.
Free Marc Emery -
Marc Emery - Political Prisoner -
Google Marc Emery - Political Prisoner
Return Prince of Pot Marc Emery to Canada from US prison
Bring Marc Emery home to Canada -
Return Marc Emery to Canada -
Send Marc Emery home to Canada -

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