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Monday, June 8, 2009

"Puppy Love" Part 2

"Puppy Love" Part 2
(To Not Cause a Stir I Have Changed My Ex Girls Name To “Cherry”)

When I started my 7th grade year, I wasn’t what you would call popular, or even on the radar. I was shy, and I stuck with my little group of friends. But in the year prior I met the girl of my dreams her name was Cherry. She had a very beautiful smile, and she wore glasses. She rode the same bus as me before the bus route was changed. I was still mad that I didn’t get enough courage to ask her out. But I swore to myself that this year would be different.
When I got to school the first day I was very happy knowing that this year would be different. I arrived to my first period class, and took my seat. I felt happy because I knew all the kids in my class from school years prior. By the time I left the class I had a stack of books in my backpack that hurt my shoulders. I was walking to my second class when I heard a familiar voice; I turned to look and I seen Cherry talking to one of her friends next to her locker. The whole time I was looking at her all I could think about was how much she had grown. Of course I was a teenage boy so I am talking about her curves. I was hypnotized. I couldn’t stop and say hello because the mob of kids behind me were moving forward with great force. I walked to my second class with a big smile on my face.
When lunchtime came around I was hoping to see her there. I was one of the first kids in the cafeteria, I didn’t order any food I just found a table and sat down. A few moments later I looked up and seen Cherry take a seat at a table a few feet away. I was very nervous, I sat upright trying to get enough confidence to walk over and talk to her. Finally I walked over to her table and said hi; she got up and hugged me. She invited me to sit down and I did. “Oh my god, did you see Luis today” Cherry continued “he looks so hot in that jersey”. My heart sank to the floor. I told the girls at the table “I'm gonna get some pizza”, they shook there heads in acknowledgment. I was upset that she crushing on someone else, and I felt like I had to step my game up. AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT-

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